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Aegidius Sadeler


Fables d’Esope: Il rinoceronte

Raphaël Trichet du Frésne      

Raphaël Trichet du Fresne, auteur érudit et prolifique, bibliophile, est né à Bordeaux le 27 avril 1611, et mort à Paris, 4 juin 1661. Figures diverses tirées des Fables d’Esope et d’autres et expliquées par R.D.F. Raphaël Trichet du Fresne, illustrations de Gilles Sadeler, 1659.

The Theatrvm Morvm was published anonymously. The illustration on the title page has as indications „Sadeler exc.“ and „Cum privil. S.C.M.“ i.e. „Sac. Caes. Maje. [Sculptor]“. This is Aegidius II Sadele[e]r (Antwerp ca. 1570-Prague 1629). Sadeler belonged to an important family of visual artists. He was active as an engraver and illustrator, and probably also as a painter in Antwerp and Munich, and from 1597 to 1629 in Prague, in the service of Emperor Rudolph II. Sadeler is not only the executor of the title print, and the holder of the book’s privilege, but also the author of the foreword „an den freundtlichen Leser“. It is likely that Sadeler was responsible not only for all the illustrations in the work, but also for the entire edition. Probably all the texts are written by himself, with the sole exception perhaps of the historical exempla (Smith 2005).

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